General Background Context of the Conference

General Background Context of the Conference Almost all the domains of opportunity in Africa are facing development issues. Therefore, there is a necessity to address these issues in order to allow this continent to foster its development for the benefit of its population. Some African countries require enhancements to their civil society arrangements in order to avoid post-election strife and social unrest, which are is notorious for diminishing the impact of measures undertaken for sustainable development. Despite limited resources, development-oriented actions are undertaken in most African countries, yet the positive impacts of these actions are often negligible as far as local stakeholders are concerned,since the procedures used are unsuitable. In the education sector, the development of human capacity, which is a prerequisite for all development, is often prioritized. However, the education sector is facing many challenges, not least the critical issue of youth unemployment. These kinds of issues are by no means restricted to Africa: a global initiative is needed to tackle these challenges that brings together researchers, practitioners, academia and decision makers. This is the aim of this third international conference in ICT for African development, which focuses on the “Adoption of digital transformation for African sustainable development”. We believe that the use of ICT, which brings transparency and efficiency in human activities, can play an important role in the development of all Africans. These activities are critical in African societies as they can significantly contribute to poverty reduction and economic growth. Most political leaders in Africa are addressing this issue by putting in place measures for the adoption of ICT by their population to ensure that ICT is used appropriately for the development. Of course,digital transformation cannot be efficient if the normative and descriptive procedures put in place are not suitable. Before embracing digital transformation or putting in place a digital transformation strategy, one should be sure that procedures that will be transformed are well-formed and well-defined. This conference welcomes papers related to ICT that may foster the development of Africa. These papers can draw on theory or experiences of practice in the use of ICT.